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San Antonio Workshop 

Eli Infante & Marco Jilpas

March 12th & 13th 2022

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Q: What is the format of the workshop?

A: The San Antonio, Texas 2022 workshop will be divided into two days. On Day 1, you will learn the general theory behind the off-camera flash and how to use high-speed sync to create dramatic images. You will then get an opportunity to apply the theory in a real-world environment. On Day 2, we will teach you the basics of frequency separation, the dodge-and-burn technique for skin retouching, color grading, and stylization. Please note that you will need your laptop (and charger) for Day 2.

Q: What can I expect to learn?

A: As you know, high-speed sync is very popular among photographers who incorporate artificial lighting into their workflow. Our goal is to teach HSS and how to add more dimension and depth to your images by using multiple-light set-ups.

Q: Do I need to bring my lighting equipment?

A: The short answer is it depends. We will be utilizing Westcott strobes and other lighting equipment and modifiers during the workshop. We will teach you how to control the lights with the trigger that will also be provided. At the same time, you are welcome to bring your own lighting equipment if you feel more comfortable using it during a photoshoot. However, we are not responsible for any physical damage or mechanical issues that occur while you are using your own equipment at the workshop.

Q: What lenses do you recommend?

A: Many variables are involved in deciding which focal length to use in any specific situation. We recommend 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm for primes. If you prefer a zoom lens, the 24-70mm and 70-200mm are recommended for the shooting style we will be teaching.

Q: How much time will each photographer be allowed to shoot?

A: We find that a hands-on approach is best while learning the fundamentals of off-camera flash. For this reason, we have limited the San Antonio, Texas 2022 workshop to a maximum of9  participants. This will provide you with more 1-on-1 experience with the instructors and increase the amount of time each photographer will have to work with the models.

Q: Can I bring a family member or friend with me?

A: While we appreciate that every photographer’s travel arrangements and overall situation is unique, only participants who have paid the attendance fee will be allowed into the workshop.

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