About - Eli Infante

Each day is a collection of moments; experiences strung together to create a lifetime of memories. Whether it’s a wedding, quinceanera, anniversary, or beginning of a new chapter in life, Eli Infante is passionate about immortalizing the milestones that matter to you.

Inspired by photographers such as Roberto Valenzuela, Sue Bryce, and Peter Hurley, Eli strives to blend creativity with candor in each of his photographs. Through his lens, he enjoys a unique perspective in which to view the world and capture the beauty of what matters the most.

Possessing over 8 years of experience as a photographer, Eli spends much of his time teaching and promoting his love of the craft. As a photography teacher for over 5 years at IDEA Quest and part time instructor at South Texas College, he also teaches a summer camp for area students on the fundamentals of photography. Passionate about serving his community, Eli also volunteers with kids for the Southern Exposures Youth Nature Photo Contest at Quinta Matazlan, where alongside Wildlife Photographer Ruth Hoyt, he introduces children to the rich and creative world of photography.

Samples of his student work may be seen below:

Student Work

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